Hi! We are Chessie & Emily.

We created ANDRO CLOTHING; here is how it all started...


Andro Clothing from Gutsy Goat on Vimeo.


Chessie owns a screen printing studio where she prints t-shirts and art editions.  Normally a screen printing teacher, Chessie jumped on the chance to be part of a new brand like Andro Clothing.  Chessie brings the design knowledge and geeky technical aspect that is important for quality control.  

"T-shirts are wearable artwork and I love being able to design, print and wear my own clothes." 


Emily is an entrepreneur. She saw a gap in the market for androgynous clothing, so now uses her skills to make wearable androgynous clothes that have simple designs.  Tomboy fashion is often overlooked, so she has designed a range of unisex clothes that have designs that enforce the wearers' identity.  

"Pride symbols are great but not what I want to wear day to day."  




"Together we have produced a clothing brand that is sustainably sourced, proudly queer and printed with passion."





"We are proud to hand-print all our garments here in the UK!"